We all have seen the Real Estate Industry undergo many changes post COVID. Currently, we are in the last quarter of 2023. Residential home prices have dropped significantly. Business, office space, retail outlets, and commercial real estate are all experiencing uncertainty. Confidence is at an all time low.
Many recent and experienced Realtors contemplate returning to full-time jobs, while others simply parking their real estate license.
The Covid Era has been educational. We are no longer a brick & mortar operation. We are now a cloud-based Real Estate brokerage with a superior support structure. Everything we do now is based on our 30 years of Real Estate expertise.
We have created a working environment for new, experienced, and retired Realtors with minimal fees and a high commission split.
An ideal agent is one that drives to learn, puts in the time and effort. He understands the value of having a knowledgeable broker as a guide and support system. As the saying goes – if you do not learn from your valuable experiences, youwill spend years learning by making mistakes.
Choose to align yourself with a digital brokerage that is innovative with technology, provides a supportive environment and is dedicated to Agent Success. We are the future. Find out how to join our team here.
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Looking to Park Your Real Estate License.