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Networking helps every Agent

Toronto Real Estate Realty – Commercial Division provides business sales and acquisitions in Ontario. We can assist you if you are interested in buying or selling a business. Our company also assists in finding suitable office, commercial, and industrial leases.
There have been a large number of businesses changing hands since the post-Covid period of 2022. It is almost the end of 2023, and the situation is getting worse everywhere.
Facts are::
Most small business owners wait too long to sell. At this point the business is no longer profitable and does not have the resources to hire a Commercial Realtor to help them market and sell to the right buyer.
Real Estate Commissions are crucial for both the seller and agent. Business owners cannot afford realistic real estate commissions, and commercial realtors – either selling or buying – do not want to deal with businesses.
Our goals are different.
Our services begin with a quick Zoom Meeting to understand your business, identify potentials, discuss shortfalls, and come up with realistic solutions. Almost every small business can benefit from our tailored plans. We offer our services throughout Ontario.
In addition, we can help business owners sell their business on their own – using limited Realtor resources. We can tailor a support plan based on your experience to help in areas where our expertise is invaluable. This would save you money on commissions. Nobody knows your business than you do!
For a very low listing fee of $499.00, we will get your business for sale listing up on the MLS. It will make you more visible to buyers. You can handle most of the remaining selling services as a knowledgeable business owner. When you see a potential Buyer, we can step in and do the required disclosure and other pertinent documentation to protect your interests. Pay only for the services you require. All aspects of this process can be customized. Visit www.merepostings.com to see how this process works.


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