Franchise businesses have become very popular in recent years. Despite their higher cost, they offer a proven success formula and some level of assurance
Since franchisees have a collective advertising and purchasing power, they usually have a significant advantage over independent business owners. The success rate of franchised businesses is higher. The success of franchises is often attributed to highly effective business systems, ongoing support, and proven formulas for success.
An independent opinion and input from a Realtor is crucial to making an informed decision on which Franchise is best for you, as well as where it is located and how it compares to other Franchises that offer the same services. Toronto Real Estate specializes in working with Buyers and Sellers to help them make informed decisions. 
Listed below are a few reasons why we believe franchising can enrich your life.

A complete turnkey solution
A franchise allows you to start sooner. It is extremely well organised. The layouts are practical and business friendly, helping you get started immediately. The entire process has already been completed and is professionally set up. Training is provided at every level.
It is up to the franchise organization to take care of all the background work for you. Long-term goals and opportunities are created by them. With a franchise, most hard work is eliminated.
The System 
A franchise’s success is generally attributed to its systems. Proven systems help franchises succeed. The programs are designed to increase productivity and eliminate the guesswork and blunders small business owners normally make. 
Franchise Brand and Locations
Franchisors find locations through extensive market research, successful brands, and multiple locations within the city. There is a sense of organization, which makes it easy for customers to trust the company.Business Financing 
Financial institutions are more likely to lend business loans to Franchises that are successful. Compared to a small business starting from scratch. In the franchise system, franchises have proven track records and success. Buying a franchise allows buyers to invest less and keep more.
Support for on-going training and development
Training and continued support will ensure efficiency and effectiveness. Continual research is essential as the market, competition, and consumer needs and wants change
Marketing and Introduction of New ideas/Products
Marketing and advertising are generally franchisee’s responsibilities. A franchisor can maintain high sales volumes, adapt to industry changes, and build long-term brand awareness by creating long-term brand awareness.
Successful locations can motivate you to open more. Multiple locations add to your bottom line, making it more profitable. Success is all about controlling your resources, be it your inventory, your staff, or getting more hands-off. 


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